2.7 Million

Planted Trees


Blood Bags

Operational in 13+


Our partners


Our Departments

Disaster Management and Food

This department activates during natural disasters

Environment Department

This department is working on Climatechange since 2021

Cure for differently abled children

Rehabitilation of children having autism, hearing and speech disability

Health Care

Medical is a need, indeed low cost and quality diagnosis / healthcare

Education & Skills

Different languages, IT and Soft Skills

Our projects

Start Course: 1st October 2022

End Course:

Start Course: 1 September 2022

End Course: 30 January 2023

Start Course: July 2022

End Course:

Start Course: 05-Aug-22

End Course: 25-Aug-22

We Work in Different Countries

FGRF is a need of era, having its vast network spread in more than thirteen countries and huge human resource availability makes it distinguished among other organizations



Faizan Global Relief Foundation (Abdul Habib Attari)

FGRG Blood Donation Camp