IntroDuction (تعارف)

Faizan Global Relief foundation

FGRF is a need of era, having its vast network spread in more than thirteen countries and huge human resource availability makes it distinguished among other organizations.

Disaster Management and Food:

A very prominent and active department Disaster Management and food distribution, this department activates during natural disasters, reaching out affected people with food and basic relief, distribution of food and drinking water along temporary shelter is core responsibility of this department.

  • • Pandemics
  • • Earthquake
  • • Flood or Flooding situation.

Environment Department:

This department is working since 2021, started its climatic emergency action from Karachi by collaborating with KMC in an initiative Green Karachi, till date FGRF Env department has contributed more than 0.3 million trees in different areas of Karachi which includes shady and fruit trees, while 4 abundant parks have been recovered and rehabilitation of these parks has been completed. Now the footprint has been spread all over Pakistan and since we took the charge, we targeted 2 million trees in first phase which was achieved with the support of our volunteers and in collaboration with government and international NGOs. WWF is a technical partner and Ministry of Climate change appreciated the efforts, we not only plant saplings! Our mission statement is (I must plant a sapling and grow it to Tree)

We have a strong post care system which is continued till the mission is accomplished.

Cure for differently abled children:

Rehabilitation of children having autism and hearing disability as well as sensory problems is our one of the priorities. By the grace of Allah Kareem, we setup a small-scale rehabilitation center at Shahra-e-Faisal which had capacity of catering 50 children, demand grew and we initiated our second project which is now operational and catering more than 100 children with stat of the art facilities and fully equipped with latest therapy techniques. Now a new space in Faisalabad has been procured and in phases of donation collection to start 3rd largest project in our fleet.

Health Care:

Medical is a need, indeed low cost and quality diagnosis / healthcare centers are need of the era, where people can get basic medicines and diagnosis done at lowest cost and can be guided towards correct path of cure. First model healthcare center is in last phase of renovation and soon will be operational in central Karachi.

Education & Skills:

Skills are the key to growth, the most dominant area which was being neglected, were the religious scholars who were out of canvas.

FGRF has setup a remarkable project as Skill Enhancement Program, where Scholars of Religion are being skilled with modern language communication techniques, along that they are being equipped with latest technology and IT skills.

Our first center was setup in Karachi in 2020 which has now active 450 students learning skills in different levels, which two more branches are operations in Lahore and Islamabad, we have total of more than 750 students on board.