Hot Meal Distribution for the oppressed people of Gaza, Palestine

The active team of I-FGRF is engaged in providing assistance to the oppressed people of Gaza. To mitigate the harsh cold, they have not only supplied essential life necessities but also provided warm meals to the Palestinians.

FGRF continues its relief efforts with its local staff and volunteers to provide food support to civilians affected by the war with its local staff inside Gaza. They are working with volunteers on the ground to distribute food kits and warm meals to families seeking safety. FGRF is committed to providing nourishing meals and food kits to families who need support, and the team will continue to seek ways to do that for residents of Palestine. During these challenging times, FGRF is assisting the people of Palestine. Besides food, potable water is another urgent need. This noble act and finds pleasure in it, making the efforts fruitful for those involved with FGRF. We're seeking your assistance to provide more hot meals and support more people. Your donation can help FGRF continue serving hot meals in Palestine. Just £4 per meal. Contribute today and help save lives in Gaza, Palestine.

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Bank Name: Lloyds Bank

Account Name: Faizan Global Relief Foundation UK

Short Code: 309773

Account Number: 46004868

Reference: Meals

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